“A wise man once said, ‘Law never is, but is always about to be.’ What sustains our commitment to our clients and the profession is the realization that every player helps shape the legal system. Everyone has a duty, and we take pride in embracing ours.”

Weiwei’s practice focuses on antitrust and competition. With her pan-Asia background, Weiwei hopes to help clients with competition and commercial litigation issues in the interconnected markets. 

During law school, Weiwei focused on antitrust and international law. She was a Global Law Scholars Fellow, president of the Georgetown International Law Society, and program coordinator of the Salzburg Cutler Law Fellows Program. She was a law clerk at both Studio Ubertazzi and Hausfeld LLP. Prior to law school, Weiwei was a consultant associate at Frost & Sullivan. 

Weiwei loves history, Kendo, piano, and tea.