Trademarks and copyrights are critical pillars of protection for businesses focused on creating and maintaining strong brands and creative works.  FAWLAW works closely with clients to develop and protect their unique brands and creative expressions. We focus on counseling growing businesses and emerging companies in the areas of trademark and copyright—from comprehensive strategic planning and prosecution to enforcement and litigation. Our careful focus helps achieve our clients’ business goals by efficiently securing legal protection or defending against the assertion of rights by others, while always keeping the bottom line in mind.

Trademark protection is essential for businesses of all types, from high technology companies to “low-tech” retailers of consumer goods.  We assist clients with a strategic approach to the prosecution and protection and enforcement of their marks, including conducting trademark clearance searches, advising on the use and prosecution of marks, conducting trademark prosecution, addressing oppositions and cancellations, recording registered trademarks with U.S. Customs and Border Protection, reviewing advertising and marketing copy, handling cease and desist letters, and litigating when necessary. FAWLAW also works with its clients to defend against assertions of rights, and has been successful in helping to avoid litigation by developing thoughtful and creative responses to assertions of trademark rights.  We also negotiate and draft trademark licenses, assignments, and coexistence and consent agreements.

Protecting creative works through copyright can be of central importance to content creators, and a key feature of a broader intellectual property strategy for both large and small companies.  We assist our clients with realizing the full potential of their copyrights through the registration, licensing, and enforcement of those rights. We handle cease and desist letters, Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) take down requests, and recordation with U.S. Customs and Border Protection. We also counsel our clients on managing infringement risk. FAWLAW lawyers have asserted and defended against copyright infringement claims when litigation is necessary.